Handstands at 100MPH Baja Borrego Dual Sport Ride was All Time!!

Dec 13th, 2022

Baja Borrego Dual Sport Ride was the 2nd part of the Handstands at 100MPH program for 2022. Based out of the Ocotillo RV Resort, the ride consisted of 100 miles of GPS-guided Off-Road trail designed by Scot Harden and Johnny Campbell to challenge and surprise the riders.

The weekend started off Friday afternoon with Off-Road riding and technical seminars, including demonstrations. But the real anticipation came as the sun rose on Saturday when everyone was greeted with clear skies and temperatures in the 70s for a perfect day for riding!

The first half of the ride took everyone to the far corners of Ocotillo and into some of the best riding in the park, high-speed washes, fast-flowing crossover trails, and steep-walled canyons. With a lunch break at the halfway point, the riders gathered up to tell stories, refuel and regroup for the second half. It was clear from all the talk the route was a huge hit.

The second half featured Baja two-track sections, wide open rolling whoops and sand, that left everyone with huge smiles as they crossed the finish line back at the Ocotillo RV Resort.

The night wrapped up with a delicious dinner provided by the Ocotillo RV Resort with incredible Baja/Rally bench-racing stories around the campfire, including some harrowing stories from Dr. Chris Alexander!

Huge thank you to everyone who participated in the years Handstands at 100MPH and a special thank you to all the sponsors who believe in the cause, “Honoring the history, heritage, and legacy of the Baja/desert racing. community.”

“Scot and I are very passionate about our heritage in the sport of Baja/desert racing. We want to honor, celebrate, promote and preserve the sport for the next generations to experience the lifestyle we have enjoyed throughout our careers. The Baja Borrego event was solid. We look forward to progressing the Handstands at 100mph message of heritage and lifestyle so we all can continue to enjoy the greatest sport for generations to come.” -- Johnny Campbell

PC: Mark Kariya 

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