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May 10th, 2014

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Chris Bach and Johnny Campbell have been hard at work developing the Honda CRF450R to be a GNCC racing machine and made some great advancements this past week. The duo are locked and loaded, ready to take on the famed Loretta, Lynn course.

The name alone says it all: the Loretta Lynn Ranch. This is the oldest race on the GNCC circuit, and it draws a lot of riders. And yes, the property is owned by the world famous Coal Miner's Daughter, Loretta Lynn. If she's not on tour somewhere, she may even come over and say ‘hi’ to the racers!

As for the track, the place has hosted a lot of races over the years, so there are trails everywhere. Pay attention to the course arrows to stay on track. 

The soil is a unique mix of clay, rock, and sand, so the place gets whooped out. Some sections are covered in small shale, typically not tire-cutting stuff, but enough to ruin your traction, so be careful. The trails at Loretta's have a great flow to them and are a lot of fun, but can get fast as the race wears on. With lots of room to work with, there's usually sections where bikes and quads will differ from each other. This allows for the course to stay a little smoother for the bikes, but will typically mean you should expect a section of tight trails. A national-level motocross track is also included in the lap. This is the same famed motocross track that hosts the AMA Amateur National Motocross Championships..

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