Ricky Brabec

Male 32 years old Joined May 31st, 2020

Born April, 21st 1991 Birthplace Mira Loma, California, United States of America Residence Mojave Valley, AZ United States of America- Height 6’, Weight 209lbs, Hobbies: Watercraft, Boating, Mountain Bike, Road Cycling 2021 Dakar Rally Runner-up, Sonora rally Winner 2020 Dakar Rally Winner (first American to win the Dakar), Sonora Rally Winner, Vegas to Reno Winner 2019 Sonora Rally Winner, Vegas to Reno Winner, Mint 400 Winner 2018 2017 Sonora Rally Winner, Vegas to Reno Winner 2016 2nd AMA National Hare & Hound Championship 2015 Best Junior rider Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge, 5th place overall (Started Rally Career)

2014 AMA National Hare & Hound AMA Championship; Winner San Felipe 250; Winner Baja 500; Winner Baja 1000; Winner Vegas to Reno; Winner Imperial Valley; SCORE International Pro Motorcycle Championship; Best In The Desert Championship 2007 Start in off-road competition. District 37 desert, GP and Sra GP’s Ricky Brabec’s life took a radical turn; his interest in bike racing, or more specifically desert racing, led him to his first district 37 race. His speed and riding skills grew quickly. It has been an intense career so far for youngster Ricky Brabec signed up for his first Dakar Rally at just 24 years of age. The American does, however, have a lengthy list of titles to his name; with his best season to date coming in 2014, when he achieved the three most prestigious titles in desert racing: the Hare & Hound, Best in the Desert, and Score Championships, collecting wins at the Baja 1000, Baja 500, and the Baja 250. Little did he know that was only the beginning. You would think winning the most coveted Off-Road races in North America was enough, but Ricky wanted more. In 2015 he was approached by HRC (Honda Racing Corporation) to test his skills in an international cross-country rally, more specifically, the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge held in the dunes of the The Middle East. Ricky took on the challenge, finishing 5 th overall in his first international rally competition. He took advantage of the opportunity but knew he needed to learn the craft of navigation, which connected him to the JCR/Honda team and, more specifically, Offroad racing legend Johnny Campbell. From there, the two set out with one goal in mind; To be the first American to win the Dakar Rally. From 2015 to current, Ricky has gone on to win the Sonora Rally 4-times, Vegas to Reno 4- times, The Mint 400, Multiple stage wins in Dakar but the Dakar's win eluded him until 2019. In 2019 the American looked like his dream was to become a reality, but as racing and Dakar has it, his bike had a devastating mechanical taking out of the rally just 2 days before the finish. After such an emotional letdown, Ricky was left with either stop racing or do what a A champion would do rising above and come back to accomplish the dream. In 2020 the Dakar Rally changed continents. It went from the deserts of the South America’s to the sandy plains of Saudi Arabia. This change was quite different as it leveled the playing field amongst the competitors (being in South America for 10 years, some had the home-court advantage) This drastic change in scenery Suited Ricky just fine as it reminded him of his own backyard in the deserts of the American Southwest. 2020 Ricky Brabec became the first American to win the Dakar Rally, The largest International Rally in the world. He did it with dominating fashion. Ricky’s win not only showed the world that American Rally racers were capable of winning but also showed his speed, resilience, endurance, and his ability to overcome even the most difficult of letdowns. Ricky continued his momentum throughout 2020 and 2021, winning the Sonora Rally 2- more times, and the 2020 Vegas to Reno races again. Ricky has achieved the highest level of accomplishments in Offroad racing GLOBALLY! He has done what no other American or Off-Road racer has ever done and has done it humbly.