Welcome home 1X By: Theresa Coelho, Honda T

Nov 30th, 2009

The 2009 Baja 1000 was the most exciting race I have ever experienced. I joined Team Honda in 1983. My responsibilities have ranged from pitting, chasing, pre-running, radio communications and EMT, both on ground and helicopter. I have had the pleasure to stand beside the Legend Bruce Ogilvie and assist him for many years. I’m very fortunate to continue to be part of the JCR/Honda Race Team. We lost our 1X plate in 2009, due to a rider of record, leaving the team and taking the plate. The 1X was earned by the team and should have stayed with the team. We wanted our number back. We were armed with amazing talent. Having two race bikes, the BEST desert riders, a top producing Pit Crew, World known Mechanics and a charging Team Manager, we attacked the competition.
Race day was flawless, but stressful due to the tight time splits. Of course, we had some laughs like getting stuck in our chase truck, through the direction of our fearless Team Manager Johnny Campbell, wearing girl’s sunglasses, back brace and wrist cast. Johnny was very entertained by the three girls sharing the Chase Truck with him.
We started race day at the start line. I was very touched when Kendall Norman asked me to stand with him in memory of Bruce Ogilvie, while he waited his turn to start. Kendall Norman, Quinn Cody and Timmy Weigand were riding race bike 12X. Colton Udall, Brent Harden, Max Eddy and Matt Eddy were riding race bike 18X.
Our day consisted of driving to several pits to witness the experts at work. The pits were completely organized, pit crews looking professional with amazingly fast performances. There were always friendly faces that showed the love and passion for the sport. We rushed to the finish line to greet the racers of 12X and 18X. First to finish was the 1X bike ridden by our competition. We all watched our watches because we knew Kendall Norman on 12X had to finish less than 2 minutes after 1X to get the win. The silence was painful until we heard Kendall’s bike come flying into the finish. The crowd was deafening with the screams and the sound of Kendall spinning his back tire. We were all so happy! Kendall rode up next to 1X and received the congratulations. Hugs, kisses, cameras, interviews and big smiles were everywhere. It’s so nice to have the 1x plate back home. The 18X finished in third position with a great ride. JCR/Honda had a great race with wonderful support from all.

By: Theresa Coelho, Honda T

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