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Jan 25th, 2009

Ready to sign up? The first step is to download and fill out the 2013 JCR/Honda Baja 1000 Pits flyer, waiver, sign up and info sheet.

Link to Download JCR/Honda Pit pack

JCR/Honda offers first-class race services to Honda- mounted riders at the SCORE Baja 250, 500 and 1000 races thru a program called “JCR/Honda Pits,” first started by American Honda in the 1980’s. The program has become an essential component of Honda mounted competitors because the speed and efficiency of a pit stop can make or break your race. A Baja 1000 can require up to 22 pit stops, roughly 60 miles apart. Each pit provides services to an average of 50 teams over the course of a race, and the pits contain an assortment of spare parts and maintenance items, as well as fuel. Pit crews are staffed by as many as six qualified personnel. Many of the pit crews stay on duty 16 hours or more sometimes as long as 30 hours. The dedication of the JCR/Honda pit staff is legendary. It is known as the most reliable and efficient pit service along the peninsula. This service enables first-time riders as well as the most experienced and competitive teams to race in Baja with confidence.

Interested in JCR/Honda Pit services for your Baja race

Contact: Scott Dunlavey 510-525-5525 office 925-698-5853 cell

Frequently Asked Questions when racing in Baja with JCR/Honda pits.

  1. Every JCR/Honda pit is staffed by the most experienced crews in Baja. JCR/Honda pit staff have a collective of over 500 years of Baja racing experience.

  2. Pitting with JCR/Honda gives you access to assistance with logistics, bike prep information, race strategies designed by Johnny Campbell.

  3. JCR/Honda pits are located every 50 to 60 miles of the course.

  4. Each JCR/Honda pit team will be supplied with a JCR/Honda pit book that includes all JCR/Honda pit locations, access info, GPS coordinates for racers and chase crews, suggested routine maintenance pit locations, important race/pit information.

  5. JCR/Honda pits supply 91 octane unleaded pump grade fuel. Each team is responsible to have their race bike full of gas at the starting line. JCR/Honda has no pit support service at the starting line. JCR/Honda pits are stocked with motor oil, brake fluid, contact cleaner, chain lube, coolant and more available as needed on a first come first serve basis.

  6. JCR/Honda pits are equipped with a limited number of CRF450X emergency spare parts on a first come first serve basis as needed, emergency wheel assemblies available for loan. JCR/Honda defines emergency wheel replacement as broke spokes, rim, hub, rotor, sprocket or flat tire. Please note due to limited supply worn tires, bent rims or loose spokes do not qualify as an emergency. Each JCR/Honda pit comes with 1-TRX450 front and 1-TRX450 rear wheel available for loan on a first come first serve basis. All parts available under pit captain’s discretion.

  7. JCR/Honda pits provide only OEM CRF450X air filters at routine maintenance pits as outlined in your pit book. Non routine maintenance pits have a limited supply of OEM CRF450X air filters available on a first come first serve basis.

  8. JCR/Honda has the best relay communication in Baja. Relay communication is permitted to locate rider and in emergency situations. Feel free to listen in however radio airwaves need to remain free of non critical chatter. JCR/Honda will supply you with the necessary Radio frequency in your pit book. Do not use the JCR/Honda pit frequency to communicate between your chase vehicles.

  9. JCR/Honda can transport Goggles and other small personal items to remote pits if needed. All arrangements must be cleared in advance with JCR/Honda pits.

  10. Race split times will be available for all JCR/Honda customers in the weeks following the race.

  11. JCR/Honda offers no search and rescue services. Racers should consider carrying a personal Spot Tracker and contact SCORE with any questions or concerns.

  12. JCR/Honda recommends that your chase crew carry a spare bike for emergency parts replacement.

  13. JCR/Honda pits require each bike to be outfitted with a dry break refueling system, no screw caps.

  14. Pits are identified by JCR/Honda signage and GPS locations outlined in team pit book.