JCR/Honda Dominates SCORE Baja 500

Jun 2nd, 2009

JCR/Honda continues Baja domination with a 1 2 punch at the SCORE Baja 500. Kendall Norman was on fire from the moment the green flag dropped. Starting in the 3rd place position with a 30 second gap between bikes, Kendall tagged and bagged his way into 1st place by the end of the first wash. From there his lead would stretch out as the 15X JCR/Honda CRF450X would quickly move into 2nd. The race got interesting between the 2 JCR/Honda CRF450X bikes when Quinn Cody riding the 4X bike in the lead would smash a rock and damaging the side case. With repairs necessary the race for the lead would be in the capable hands of the amazing JCR/Honda pit crew, master technician Eric Siraton and Honda R&D's Hide Hanawa. After repairs were done the 4X found itself in 2nd place. Timmy Weigand would get on the bike 6 minutes down and start the charge to catch the 15X lead bike ridden by Colton Udall and Jeff "OX" Kargola. When Kendall got the bike back for his final 170 mile stretch he was 5 minutes down he new he had to put in the ride of his life. The kind of ride that would go down in history and solidify Kendall as a Baja Champion of the highest caliber. Kendall was up to the challenge and shocked the entire field when he made up the distance on the 15X bike and then pulled away. By the time he crossed the finish he was 5+ minutes ahead of 15X. Not knowing the necessary time split he was forced to wait and see. When Colton Udall crossed the checkered flag aboard 15X it was too close to call. Sal Fish made his way to the scoring trailer to get the results. He returned with a big smile to tell Kendall Norman that he had done it. He is the winner of the 2009 SCORE Baja 500. Kendall was elated and sprayed himself and everyone around him with Sparkling water. The standing room only crowd cheered for the defending Baja 500 champion Kendall Norman.

"Kendall put in the best ride I have ever seen. He is staking his claim as the new King of Baja." - Johnny Campbell

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JCR Team SCORE Baja 500 2009

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