1st place Kendall Norman / Timmy Weigand 2009 SCORE San Felipe 250

Mar 15th, 2009

The JCR/Honda squad did not disappoint. As the green flag dropped and the race got underway the two teams went straight at it. The A team of Kendall Norman and Timmy Weigand took the early lead. Then as Baja has a way of doing, Kendall hit a rock around Zoo road and rode a fifty foot nose wheelie until ultimately slamming down hard and knocking him silly. Kendall got up as quick as possible, shook it off and went right back after the lead. This would be the case for the entire race as both bikes would cat and mouse back and forth all the way to the finish line. The Team B team of Colton Udall, Quinn Cody and Jeff Kargola took the lead for a good portion of the race and looked like they may just pull off the unthinkable. Ultimately they would have to settle for a well earned 2nd place to the JCR/Honda A team of Kendall Norman and Timmy Weigand. NBC was everywhere and caught all the action, tension and excitement of the race. Set your DVR's to NBC's Sunday April 26th telecast of the "Jeep World of Adventure Sports" so you don't miss a thing.

JCR/Honda has several other Media projects in the works including a TV special for the Baja 500 and the release of the much anticipated Johnny Campbell documentary so stay tuned. Kendall Norman 1st Place Finish 2009 SCORE Baja 250" alt="image" />

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