Western Hare Scrambles JCR/Honda Podium

Mar 10th, 2009

JCR/Honda racers Timmy Weigand,Nick Brozovich, Quinn Cody and Kendall Norman headed out to Rynoland in Anza, Ca. Here are some JCR/Honda highlights from the event the. The full story is available on www.WORCSRacing.com.

Kendall Norman took the hole shot and as the race worn on the 4 JCR/Honda racers got into a freight train at the front of the pack. By the 3 hour races end JCR/Honda's Nick Brozovich ended up taking 4th Place behind team mate Timmy Weigand who took 3rd with Kendall Norman and Quin Cody taking 10th and 12th respectively. It was a brutal race but a great day of racing for everyone.

Timmy Weigand JCR Honda Podium

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