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Mar 4th, 2009

This news comes to us via Race-Dezert.com

Mark Weyhrich

"BLM has already received 1,600 letters arguing AGAINST Vegas to Reno from the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) alone!

See threads here for form letters to download, go to www.bitd.com and down load theirs, or write your own (just be respectful). Print them out and hand them to your crew when you have a "work night"; give them an addressed, stamped envelope as well."

Tony Barraza

"This requires EVERYONE"S attention and effort NOW!!!

To simplify the process and encourage everyone to make this happen, I have converted the letter in support of the V2R event from "ORBA Meg" into a .pdf file click link below to download

Simply download, print, date and sign the letter and MAIL IT NOW!!!! Share copies with friends, family and co-workers!!!!

Thanks in advance!"

V2R BITD Support lettter

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Race-Dezert.com V2R BITD

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