JCR/Honda team of Udall/Orr/Dudek/Breck WIN Glen Helen's 12 Hour endurance race!

Jul 3rd, 2010

The JCR/Honda team of Colton Udall, Benny Breck, Ryan Orr and Ryan Dudek came out on top at the 2010 Glen Helen 12 hour endurance race. The race started at 5pm on Saturday and ran for 12 straight hours thru the night finishing at 5am on Sunday. The 8 mile course averaged 15 minute lap times. The race was a battle for over 11 hours straight thru the night. However in the 12th hour when the sun was coming up and checkered flag finally flew the Honda CRF450X running Lucas Oil was still strong when the other teams bikes had given up.

"Thanks to my Honda CRF450X, the awesome pit crew and my great team for all the effort. Also special thanks to Baja Designs for giving us the best lights." -- Colton Udall

"When you are endurance racing in Mexico or here in the USA you need the best bike and parts to hold together to the end. JCR/Honda has the best of both and proved it once again. Colton Udall did an amazing job building the bike and leading his team to the win." -- Johnny Campbell

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