JCR/Honda racer Ricky Brabec wins the Sonora Rally with the Monster Energy Honda Team and Round 3 of the AMA NHHA series!

Mar 27th, 2017

Fresh off a dominant performance winning the Sonora Rally, Ricky Brabec jumped into a Helicopter piloted by Jim McCoy and headed to Murphy, Idaho for the 3rd round of the AMA NHHA Championship. Ricky battled the best and once again came away with the Win, extending his Championship points lead.  

"The first loop for me was tough, I wasn't sure of the pace or how to hit things at speed after riding the rally bike. I eventually got passed by Nick Burson and that put me in third, after he passed I said to myself, ok, I gotta get rid of the arm pump and suck it up with my Montezuma stomach issue. I picked up the pace and headed out for the second loop right behind Gary. The course kept us in these washes that were too tight to make passes in. So I hopped out made a pass on Gary and he did the same right back to me. Luckily I was able to make the pass right before we headed into the faster trails which lead me to the checkers in first." -- Ricky Brabec

"This was the debut race for Ricky on the all new 2017 Honda CRF450RX and he did not dissapoint taking home a big win! Going from Rally navigation to high speed desert terrain reading takes a lot of experience and ability. Ricky handled it like the Champion he is." -- Johnny Campbell 

PC: Mark Kariya

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