The Mighty GNCC Limestone 100 kicks off today Sunday April 26th at 10am PST! #Mudder

Apr 25th, 2015

The word from the pits is bring your mud boots if you are planning on attending the Limestone 100. No mud boots no problem you can watch the race live from your computer or tablet on www.RacerTV.com and on the Live stream app. Chris Bach has had a great week prepping and is looking very fast on his Honda CRF450R.

"When we face these kind of muddy conditions we know we are going to be pushing the bike harder than usual. It requires a change in our pit routine strategy and it makes us thankful that we run Lucas Oil products because they will keep the bike runing strong in extreme conditions. The racers body and mind is also tested in races like this. To succeed Chris will need to rely on the team race plan, the Ryno Power Supplements he takes, all the hard work he puts in preparing, training for this race and all the years of experience that made him the great racer he is today." -- Johnny Campbell

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