Chris Bach Harris Bridge' Mid East Hare scramble series report

May 8th, 2014

Chris Bach spent this past week working on bike set up with Johnny Campbell after making some great advancements Chris headed out to race the "Harris Bridge" Mid East Hare scramble series. Where he took home a hard fought and close 2nd place. Chris broke it down for us via a short hand text message and here it is for you unedited from the man himself.

"HOT and dusty. Decent start, and battled with Strang all day. Swapped lead back and forth on the track and in pitting. Clean race, good fun, Josh was able to get me at the end with a mistake on my part and he was able to make some really good precision moves through dust and lap traffic at the end. Dust and lapers caught me up pretty bad. Solid day. Big changes to the bike for this round, and they have shown to be a big improvement. Great warm up for LL GNCC" -- Chris Bach

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