Baja Beach Bash donations are OPEN!Please join us for a good reason!

May 5th, 2014

Baja Beach Bash donations are OPEN!Please join us for a good reason!

Hola JCR/DA/Beach Bash believers/supporters! Well, even if you have questions about those three let's talk about the Rancho Santa Marta School and Orphanage in Baja that the Baja Beach Bash ride raises funds for! We want you to be a part of the fun, sharing, epic ride and most importantly the support of Rancho Santa Marta! <http://www.ranchosantamarta.org/ >

In 2013 Johnny and Cameron spearheaded a new formula to raise funds for RSM by offering sponsors anything and everything as long as they support the school/orphanage/ride and we'd like to try and match the $32k plus we all raised together last year! Please take a look at what Beach bash is doing, we'd love your support. We will visit RSM and hopefully again do a lunch there and a challenging game of foot down for all to see!

Look at some of the media samples we accomplished last year with our partners and know we are striving to be even better in 2014 to share our love for your support. There is no category ownership in this effort, everyone is invited even if they are competing companies in business, at the Beach Bash we are all on the same page trying to raise money for Rancho Santa Marta so let's all jump in and go!

Bullet Proof Diesel has once again committed $10,000.00 in matching funds so we need to get this spooled up! Dirt Bike Magazine has added the Beach Bash as a feature story this year as well so more media is coming and we are working on other outlets as well.

Some facts Any donation amount is appreciated and needed All sponsorships are 85% direct to Rancho Santa Marta – 15% goes to operations for the ride All funds that go to RSM will receive a tax deductible receipt from the 501c3 charity that is their parent company "Bethesda Teaching Ministry" Donations can be anonymous if desired Donations of $1000-$2499 will receive 1 "Baja Amigo" priced ride spot on the trip if they desire at approximately $500 (a $250 discount) Donations exceeding $2500 will receive 1 comped ride spot on the trip if desired Side note – The trip costs plenty to run/organize/staff the way we do and as you can imagine between Johnny and Cameron they could comp 50 people…. Comping 5 people would be a mess so we wanted to state this as clearly as possible with respect for all supporting/involved 50ish ride spots are available for $750 each spot Also available for sponsorship Welcome lunch $800 Rancho Santa Marta lunch $1500 Awards evening sponsor $1500 Looking for cool trophy ideas and people to build trophies – Thanks to Manny the squirrel and Pat Dailey for taking on two awards – 4 more to go Beach lunch $1200 T shirt sponsor $1500-$2000 or handle all printing and design Poster sponsor $1500-$2000 or handle all design and printing Many thanks for considering supporting the 2014 Baja Beach Bash, we hope to share some epic Baja with you and spread some love as well! Please email with your sponsorship commitment to both Johnny and Cameron and sign up or donate at www.bajabeachbash.com

With respect, Cameron and Johnny

2013 Race-dezert video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33c61Sr_2KU 2013 Baja Bound Insurance video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4b2rKWwjW4

Some of the 2013 Beach Bash crew at the welcome lunch!

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