JCR/Honda's David Kamo snags the final podium spot at the first AMA National Hare and Hound of the year!!

Jan 24th, 2012

The 2012 AMA National Hare and Hound series kicked off this weekend with a bang and JCR/Honda racer David Kamo took home a podium spot. The race series is spread over 10 rounds and the goal is to chase down the championship for 2012.

The first round was held in Lucerne Valley, California and featured two loops.The 1st loop was a 37 mile rocky, treacherous and technical loop. The 2nd loop was a 42 mile sandy, high speed loop that made for some dramatic racing action.

"David Kamo did great. This is the start of a long series and we want to be racing for the championship come October." -- Johnny Campbell

“What a great way to start out the year on the podium! I had a lot of help from Scott Dunlavey, & Hide Hanawa on bike prep before the race. Four days after Johnny got back from Dakar, he was in the desert with me, getting the bike set up for the National. I felt very focused and ready to win on race morning! The banner dropped and I found myself in the dust in 4th behind Caselli, Abbott, and Pearson on the 1st loop. I came into the pits for gas-n-go and felt way more relaxed going into the 2nd loop and was making up time. I made my pass on Abbott on the 2nd to last valley for 3rd! My Honda CRF450X felt amazing from start to finish. When I got to the finish I wanted more, but was satisfied to be on the podium! It’s a long series and I want to be there in the end focused on the Championship.” -- David Kamo

AMA National Hare and Hound 2012 Schedule

Round 1 - Jan. 22 Lucerne Valley, Calif Round 2 - Feb. 12 Ridgecrest, Calif. Round 3 - Feb 26 Reno, Nev. Round 4 - March 25 Murphy, Idaho Round 5 - April 22 Lucerne Valley, Calif. Round 6 - May 5 Jericho, Utah Round 7 - May 19 Jericho, Utah Round 8 - Sept 8 Panaca, Nev. Round 9 - Oct. 14 Lucerne Valley, Calif. Round 10 - Oct. 28 Lucerne Valley, Calif.

Photo credit: Ryan sanders

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