Nick Brozovich break out ride in Honey Lake

May 12th, 2009

JCR/Honda's freshman Pro racer Nick Brozovich came into the WORCS series with a lot of expectation and unfortunately double arm casts from a broken left thumb and a broken right wrist. Nick knew he had an uphill climb to get up to speed but hey he's an Off-Road racer climbing hill's comes natural. We sat down with Nick to get his take on the season so far.

** JCR/Honda:** You just had a break out ride at Honey Lake and the whole team is excited to see you back where you belong, Tell us about your Honey Lake race?

Nick: I just rode hard and was able to push all the way to the checked flag. My wrist was hurting bad but just rode thru the pain. ** JCR/Honda:** Tell me about your training and focus? ** Nick:** I ride a lot, I mountain bike and I workout. My fitness is good and getting better every week. ** JCR/Honda:** What's been the best part of your year so far?

Nick: The support I get from the JCR/Honda team. We are on the best bikes every week. Our Dunlop tires are flawless and we never have to worry about engine failure no matter how hard we push. The one on one time I get with Johnny Campbell has also been super helpful and the JCR/Honda team atmosphere is the best. We're a team that is pulling for each other to win every round. My parents have also been there for me every round. I couldn't do it without their support. ** JCR/Honda:** WORCS is heading up to Washington for the next couple of rounds. how do you prepare for the change in scenery?

Nick: Washington is a different type of racing from the California style we have been in, but I'm from Colorado so racing in the woods comes natural to me. I'm looking forward to it! ** JCR/Honda:** Congratulations on a great race at Honey Lake and keep it up!

Nick: Thanks!!!

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