JCR/Honda wins the 2011 Glen Helen 24 Hour endurance race in dominating fashion!

Oct 10th, 2011

The 2011 Glen Helen 24 hour endurance race went down this past weekend and JCR's Colton Udall was going for his 3rd win in a row. The 2011 team consisted of Colton Udall, Timmy Weigand, Ryan Dudek and Mark Samuels racing a Honda CRF450X and backed by JCR/Honda's legendary support crews. The race started off good with JCR in 2nd place out the gate. On the 3rd lap Colton Udall made the pass into 1st place and the team never looked back, leading the remaining 65 laps and averaging 20 minutes per lap. The team had no mechanical issues and the bike was perfect for 24 straight race hours.

"I raced the endurance series in 2004 for the first time and it was my dream to one day win the overall. This year marks 3 wins in a row! I couldn't have done it without JCR/Honda, my awesome racing partners Timmy Weigand, Ryan Dudek and Mark Samuels and the pit support from TJ, Eric Siraton, Hide Hanawa, Billy Nicoll, Jeff & Dennis Downes, Mitch Hamm, Keith Sautel and Justin Munyon. Thank you all, you made this the best race ever!" -- Colton Udall

"JCR/Honda had an AMAZING weekend and it showed the depth of talent and quality of equipment we race with. It also showed how incredible the support crews are. We made a plan to divide and conquer this weekend and that's exactly what we did. Congratulations to Colton Udall, Timmy Weigand, Ryan Dudek and Mark Samuels on a great race!" -- Johnny Campbell

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