JCR/Honda's Colton Udall Competes in the 2011 ISDE for team USA

Aug 19th, 2011

We cornered JCR/Honda racer Colton Udall to get some questions answered about his 2011 ISDE ride for Team USA.

1) Colton where was the 2011 ISDE held? In the Kotka, Hamina Region of Finland.

2) How did you get your invitation to compete? Kurt Caselli invited me after Kyle Summers dropped out.

3) Tell me about your bike set up? I raced the E1 class on a 2011 CRF250R. I went with a normal off-road setup with a stock reliable motor. The Pro Circuit suspension was setup soft for long hours on rough terain. I used Dunlop Enduro tires and Pro Circuit built me a quiet 94 Db pipe. My gearing was 13/48, just tall enough for fast road and short enough for technical sections. I used a Renthal 996 handle bar and AME full waffle grips.

4) What sections of the course stood out to you. The transfer sections on days 1 and 2 were really tough. Super deep mud and really slippery sections made it difficult to ride.

5) What was the most fun? The perfectly moist fire roads on the transfer sections were really fun! They reminded me a lot of Baja, except no dust. The motocross test on day 6 was also fun.

6) What was the most difficult part of this event? Making the right decisions in the mud, line choice and traction was very critical. The special tests were also very difficult to go fast in, some tests consisted of giant deep sand whoops, some had tree roots, rocks and slick mud. It was a true test of an off-road rider.

7) Did your experience change your impression of international riders? Yes, in a big way! There are so many great riders, I was taught a lesson daily. I think that everybody should do an international race! Most US national highly ranked racers don't have a clue what's really out there.

8) Was ISDE what you imagined? No, I thought it would be easier. It is a very fast learning curve and you must always be on your toes!

9) Do you want to go back? Ask me in a week or two! Haha Next year is in Germany! More rocks, mud and even snow! I will be there if I am invited.

10) How was it working with the other Team members? Kurt Caselli, Russell Bobbitt, Destry Abbott, Nate Kanney, and Jimmy Jarrett are all great riders. They really earned the 3rd place for USA. Plus they are all positive and fun guys to be around!

11) Anyone you would like to thank? Johnny Campbell(JCRHonda), Dana from General Tire, Joe Johnson, my girlfriend Krysta and Kurt Caselli.

Photo Credit: Mark Kariya

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