Trevor Stewart

Male 21 years old Joined Jan 29th, 2017

Birthplace: Upland, CA Residence: Rancho Cucamonga, CA Height 6'1 Weight: 160 Hobbies/interests: mountain bikes, traveling, trail riding with by buds, and snowboarding

2012: WORCS supermini champion

2015: Pro II Big 6 champion, OA round 8 on 250 against 450 California classic: 2nd 450B & College Boy 2nd 2016: Big 6- 3rd Pro II Class 2017: Adelanto Grand Prix 2nd Pro I

Growing up riding for me was all about having fun, racing maybe once a month at SRA at Glen Helen and trying to beat my brother, as well as racing Big 6 occasionally. I started to take it more seriously as the years went on but always kept it fun & more of a family tradition rather than about results. I broke away from racing off road for awhile, and raced amateur motocross and attended a few major nationals in 2013 & 2014, Loretta's, & freestone and had the speed but injuries held me back as well as not enjoying it. I lost sight of having fun while racing, and so I switched back to racing off-road full time at Big 6 & the occasional worcs racing while racing motocross on the weekends to try & keep up with my sprint speed and staying comfortable on the bike. That's when I really found myself as a racer & proved to be a contender in the off-road.