Trevor Bollinger

Male 23 years old Joined Jan 29th, 2017

RESIDENCE: North Carolina


BEGAN RIDING: 12yrs old


HOBBIES: Stand up jetski, basketball, anything dirt bike related.



BIKE: Honda CRF450RX



TRAINING: Cycling, running and lots of riding.

RACING GOALS: I want to be a successful XC1 GNCC pro.

RESULTS: 2008 NCHSA C class Champion 2009 GNCC 4 stroke C Lites class Champion. 2010 GNCC 4 stroke B Lites class runner-up 39th Overall. 2011 GNCC Knee injury. 2012 GNCC Knee injury. 2013 GNCC Top Amateur, 4 stroke A Lites class Champion,18th Overall. 2014 GNCC XC2 Pro Lites Runner-up, 11th Overall. 2014 ISDE Member of the winning Junior World Trophy Team. 2015 GNCC XC2 Pro Lites 3rd place, 10th Overall. 2016 GNCC XC2 AMA National Champion

The Trevor Bollinger Story Trevor Bollinger comes from a racing family. His dad had raced Loretta Lynn’s amateur motocross when he was younger. Once Trevor decided he wanted to race his Grandpa got him a Honda CRF150R. Trevor started racing Motocross and the local Hare Scrambles around, North Carolina, when he was at the age of 12. By the time Trevor reached 13 years of age, he had moved on to racing a CRF250R at the local hare scramble series where he won this first championship. Trevor decides in 2009 to take his CRF250R and contend the premier off-road series in the U.S. He raced a full season of GNCC racing ultimately resulting in another Championship in the 4 Stroke C Lites class. The following year when Trevor was 15 years old and was ready to take on the 3hr GNCC where he lined up in the 4 stroke B Lites class aboard his CRF250R. He ended the year runner-up in the class by 1 point and 39th overall. The following two years Bollinger moved up to the Open A class grabbing his first local pro race win in 2011, but 4 knee surgeries throughout the two years would hinder his results and time on the track. 2013 was a new year and a healthy Bollinger. Trevor didn't plan to contend the full GNCC series, deciding only to do selected rounds. He lined up in the third round after opting out of the first two races. Bollinger walked away with break out ride on his CRF250R being awarded Top Amateur and a first place in the 4 Stroke A Lites Class. He would end up pursuing the rest of the GNCC series winning the next 9 races and claiming the Top Amateur award and the 4 Stroke A Lites Class championship. In 2014 Trevor was back on his familiar CRF250R and ready for the XC2 Pro Lites Class. He showed he belonged in the class getting on the podium in his second XC2 race and would go on to win his third race in the class at his hometown race, Steel Creek. Bollinger ended the season 2nd in the class behind Grant Baylor and 11th overall. 2015 was another solid year for Trevor finishing the year out 3rd in the XC2 Class and achieving his best overall finish for the year at 10th.

“I grew up on a Honda and when I noticed Johnny Campbell was starting a GNCC team for Honda I wanted the chance to ride for him. It took a few years for it to all come together, but finally, I was presented the opportunity to ride for JCR in 2016. Its really a dream come true for me, but now its time to go show it was the right decision for my future.” - Trevor Bollinger

“I have watched Trevor the last two years and knew 2016 was the right time to start investing in his young career. He has shown he has the drive to win and I look forward to mentoring him to several Championships”- Johnny Campbell